Fomby Law represents individuals and corporations in Texas State Courts and the Federal Court system in various commercial matters. Our attorneys are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the requirements for conducting strategic and tactical preparation to ensure success for our clients. Our firm is prepared to navigate cases through hurried injunction proceedings, financial and business disputes, various torts, and product liability cases.

Types of Cases we Handle:

 Breach of Contract

Shareholder Disputes

Partnership Disputes

Business Torts

Fraud and/or Misrepresentation

Deceptive Trade Practices

Interference with Contractual Relations

Breach of Fiduciary Relationships


We believe in building our reputation through our work. Based on this principal, we have a select commercial litigation team who offer the combination of legal intuition, industry knowledge, courtroom experience, and everyday business sense required to help you succeed in the cases that are most critical to your business.

Cost Management

We understand that cost management is important. Full litigation of a case can use up considerable resources and money. We seek out every available avenue to increase our clients legal position and, if at all possible, help our clients take a more efficient and economical route through mediation or negotiation to arrive at a solution without going to trial.

Effective Counsel

Even the most effective business planning cannot prevent another company from filing a lawsuit against you. However, good planning can help you protect your legal rights. At Fomby Law, our practices and methods of dealing with commercial and business litigation issues improves our clients positions, allowing them to get on with the business of conducting business.