A new story out in the Austin Statesman addresses one of the new tricks insurers are using to avoid paying for otherwise valid hospital claims. What makes this particularly outrageous is the fact the most ER visits are by their nature critical in nature, so patients are unable to “shop
Mens rea is a critical element of most crimes. In Texas, the four key forms of mens rea are intentional conduct, knowing conduct, reckless conduct and criminal negligence. The first two forms – intentional and knowing conduct – are generally obvious from the nature of the crime itself. If I
Last Monday morning, I appeared with my client, ready to defend her in a jury trial for assault. The case involved my client, then seven months pregnant, who discovered her baby daddy in flagrante delicto with one of her closest friends, just two hours after he had left her own
By way of full disclosure, I am writing this entry frustrated, angry, and just a little bit drunk. The first two I will explain in a moment, the last is the direct product of the first two. As a lawyer, you acclimate quickly to the notion that most judges are